30 July 2017

Back again...

Hello. It's me, again.

I feel like this has been such a long time coming but now I can officially say that I am back. I am blogging, it is fully, well and truly on my agenda once again. I've had a couple of blips over the last eighteen months or so but dya know what? I've missed this bloody thing and I've been pestering myself (and had a fair bit of pestering from elsewhere) about getting it up and running properly again and so here I am.

There will be some people reading this now who've read my blog before and know what I'm about; who I am, what I do and the things you'll expect to see on here - and there might be people with literally no idea what the hell I'm even doing writing a blog. To keep it short and sweet; this is the space where I can write about the things I do when I'm not working (or even when I am working), I can share the things I've been up to, the places I've been and talk about the mundane part of life as well as the nitty gritty gossipy parts too. It's my online diary, my agony aunt, and my little space to call my own - and now I've got it back - and it feels like a little bit of me is complete again.

An awful lot has changed since I was last blogging; a lot that I absolutely cannot wait to share with you - if you'll put up with me that is. I have no idea where this will take us, but follow me whilst I share my life, my dreams and my excitement for what is to come next. Trust me, I'm not here for the "Facebook Fame", to be the biggest grabber of Insta-likes or followers, or to carry the crown of "Best Blogger" - but what I am here for is to give an honest and frank approach what it is like to be a young professional, stumbling through life and to give you a little peek at what that looks like from my side.

So let's see what happens, eh?


  1. I'm SO happy you're back and that you've had enough pestering from all angles to get back online. Can't wait to hear more, please tell me you're going to bring back your weekly 'Reasons to smile' posts? L xxx

    1. Baaabe! I'm so happy to be here, and YEP I've been well and truly pestered left, right and centre (and I'm SO GLAD!) - I can confirm that the Reasons to Smile WILL return next Sunday, and they are also, here to stay <3 xx

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