Sunday Nights

Sunday, February 12, 2017

I figured it would only be right to jump right back in there with my first proper "actual" blog post, since the first one doesn't really count and all that - plus I was looking a bit bare over here and figured some meat needs to be added to the bones. I'm talking about Sunday nights - Sunday nights used to be my own little blogging stomping ground - what with my weekly Reasons to Smile posts and inputting my weekly little shots of positivity to my blog memory... Nowadays, Sunday nights are often filled with next-day anticipation, and it ain't always positive!

When I was a child, a proper Sunday night involved sitting in front of the fire with my sister after a bath, wearing nothing but a towel, letting the heat from the fireplace dry my hair whilst we sat and watched Heartbeat and/or Top Gear. OH THE MEMORIES.

Sunday nights these days? Frantically shoving my work trousers into the wash because I've somehow let it go all weekend without managing this simple task; desperately checking my memory stick to ensure I've got the lessons I need to teach for Monday all sorted, scrawling the things I need to print in the morning onto a thrown together to-do list and then maybe, just maybe pouring myself a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and trying and remember that actually, I do probably just about have my shit together.

Sunday nights as an adult are hard.

My current Sunday evening has consisted of marking fifty Y8 assessments, and being pleasantly surprised at how well they've done, then inputting said assessment marks into a spreadsheet. I then sat and fiddled with this blog for a while - which I am now glad of, as it means I've managed to get the whole thing live and BOOM, I feel more positive already.

However, it's now 9pm - I'm yet to make something for my tea, but I'm also kind of tired... Yet I'll no doubt procrastinate more than is wholly necessary and I will end up going to bed at 2am. My alarm (the first of many) will sound at 6am and then I will snooze it for approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. At 7:15am I will throw my covers from my bedraggled body and jump into whatever clothes I can grab that I hope are dry from being washed the previous evening. I will tame my hair into as much submission as it will muster, and I will paint my face with enough make-up to ensure my Y7 form group are not scared of me when I take their register... I'll go to school, I'll do my job then I'll stay back for an estimated three and a half hours after the bell has gone...

Then I'll come home and do the exact same thing all over again...


Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this. Please.

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