I'm Back!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Well, hello there.

I am back. Back in this little online world and I am back to bloody well stay. It's been almost a year since I hung up my blogging hat and decided that instead I'd focus my time and energy into finishing my PGCE and truly throwing myself into my NQT year. Well, I've done that - and now I'm a fully fledged, qualified teacher - and I want my blog back! So despite my life being truly busier than ever and rather hectic at times, I'm no longer letting my blog fall by the wayside. It's on. It's happening.

Thing is, I've proper missed doing this. I've missed having my online space where I can ramble and be me. I've dabbled in other little blog spaces since bidding a fond farewell last April - but nothing stuck. Dya know why? It's because Life by LDE is where I belong, and it's where I'm going to keep myself from here on in.

That being said, you'll notice that this is a brand new blog. Don't fret, everything I've blogged about since 2011 is all available over here - but I figured that this was the best way to start things afresh.

As ever, I'm not entirely sure where this will go. I'm wanting to share the things I do when I'm not working; the places I go, the things I do and undoubtedly the things I eat and drink along the way (nothing really ever changes...) - but along with that, I'm wanting to share the story of my life in the way I used to. I like documenting my little journey on this planet and being able to look back and reminisce about the things I've achieved and what I've managed to do!

...well, that - and pretty much everyone I know for the last year has given me the "so when's your blog coming back?" speech, and I've had to awkwardly smile and give a nonsensical answer because I truly didn't know if I'd be venturing online again in my quest to over-share the entirety of my life. Yet here I am. Sharing, over-sharing and no doubt over-sharing some more.

So feel free to jump back on board. Nothing's really changed, I'm just called "Miss" an awful lot more now than I was a few years ago, that's all.

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  1. Welcome back, you're where you belong! xxx

    1. Thankyou beautiful! It's looking a bit bare over here but it won't for long! :D xx